AMD 6850 - Directdraw and Direct3D disabled!?!?

I seem to have a rather large problem on my hands...
I have had this build for a few months now and it has not caused me any problems (AMD 4100 - 3.6Ghz, AMD 6850 1GB, 8GB RAM DDR3) however i have just now stumbled into a problem that i just can't seem to fix.
Earlier today i bought and downloaded Max Payne 3, and upon starting it up i encountered errors saying that my GFX card does not support it, etc, etc.
I then went to Dxdiag and noticed that Directdraw and Direct3D were both disabled, with no option to turn them back on. I then realized what caused the problem, deciding to re install and play Close Combat 2, a game that does not support Directdraw and thus turns it off.
My question, how the hell do i turn it back on? I have system restored, uninstalled my GFX card and re-installed my latest drivers and still nothing. Any ideas people???
Sorry if this is in wrong section, first time using this forum...
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