Rate my very first build ever?:)

So i just built my very first custom computer! I spent about $800 totol, tellm e waht you think. I am a begginer at computers and such so be gentle.

CPU:Intel Core i5 3750K 3.4 Ghz
Mobo: Z77A-G43 MSI
2 500GB HDD's
1 60 GB SSD
Corsair X650m PSU
2x4 GB Patriot RAM.
Coolermaster 430 Mid ATX tower
and an old DVD drive!
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  1. Fine choices : ) now enjoy PC-Gaming!

    did you build it all yourself? :) if so congrats. not that's its difficult but can be daunting to many without a little knowledge!
  2. I did! i learned more this month about computers than i have learned all year from school.
  3. Looks good! although I would of opted for something a little more powerful than that 650ti in term of GPU power.
  4. Likewise, I'd try to get something like a 660 as opposed to the 650ti :3
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