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What changes should be made about this build? It's for a gaming desktop with a $1500 budget.
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  1. Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 700W ATX12V Power Supply
    is a NO

    cm psu is often cr*p

    go with corsair

    or if you want to max out 1500
    this PSU is best investment for future build
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    Get a Good Power supply such as the Seasonic 750W Gold X series or just go with what AMD Radeon said

    i myself dont like Gigabyte Gpus you can go search for more Feedback in the Gpu section

    i suggest getting an either an ASUS GTX 680/670 an MSI GTX 680 Lightning (the best card ive ever seen with all its msi features youll love it)/MSI GTX 670 Power edition or for Best service go for EVGA's cards i myself offer you these Gpu's because in MY OPINION they are the best out there and im talking about the brands if you study a while about MSI you will NOT regret choosing 1 of there cards! EVGA if anything happens they have the best costumer service out there,Asus they have really powerful stuff so overall these are my suggestions so its all up to you know to choose :bounce:
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