Want to upgrade my graphic cards!

I've been using a GT9600 Geforce for the last seven years and now I have money to buy a new one (finally). Unfortunately, I have no idea how to deduce which is better than the other yadada.

I've only been looking around and it's just getting me nowhere. For now, I only play League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and Guild Wars 2. I would like to play these at high or max settings without dips before the 24~ FPS mark. I have a budget up to $200 dollars but if I can get the results for $100-150, that would be awesome.

I don't know the noticeable aspects of a 2GB Video Card versus 1 GB Video Card. So, anyway, these are what I have picked out so far. Any other recommendations are absolutely okay.




I have been looking at some variations of the GTX 650 that are priced around $120ish mark but wouldn't know if the cheapness of it is worth the trade off from the whatever positives are gained from cards $150+.

tl;dr I have a budget of $200. I would like for the upgrade to last (3-4 years) like the GT 9600. I want to play games at least on High settings without a hiccup.
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  1. Your best off getting a 7850 or GTX 660
  2. What's your cpu and psu (brand and wattage)?
  3. +1 to above questions also what is your monitor res ?
  4. i5 2500k Sandy Bridge and Corsair Professional Series 750 watt
  5. Really good cpu and psu.

    Your budget is ~200$ right ?

    Then go with sapphire 7870 ghz edition 2gb for $194.99 (the best card within your budget)

    Within ~150$ :

  6. Would there be any reason for a Radeon GPU to not work with my Motherboard if I went that route?
  7. No problem whatsoever.
    Any nvidia or amd card pci-e 3.0/2.0 is compatible with your board.
  8. Black Friday deals are about to start. be ready :)
  9. Alright, thanks, I'll be going with the Sapphire. A bit too many negative reviews on the Gigabyte one.

    Owaitwait. What should I be looking out for in Black Friday Sales that could compete with the Sapphire thingy?
  10. Its anyone guess what will come on sale with Black Friday, its almost always limited numbers(so buying quick is a good idea.).

    I know I will be keeping an eye out for some good deals.

    Best case, The card you want may be on sale for less.
  11. Lookout for 7850/7870 from asus, sapphire, xfx and msi.
    I dont know how will be the prices, see the best deal from those brands either with the 7850 model or the 7870 one.
  12. Hm.. True, true. Is there any specific cards that are similar to Sapphire Radeon's thing or should I just be looking out for anything that is 2GB GDDR5/256bit/WhateverelseIdon'tknow?
  14. From nvidia part there is the 660 ti gtx but i dont think they will reach the 200$
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