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I was wanting to upgrade my graphics card without going over $150 I was looking into the Radeon HD 6850 or 7770. I'm not really looking for Nvidia because AMD and ATI and Radeon is what I know and love :). I have ordered new parts for my computer and when they arrive my specs will be.

Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (3.4GHz)
Power supply: chiefmax 550watts
RAM: 12gigs
Motherboard: Asus CM1730-30, chipset 780G
Hard Drive: 1TB (not sure who it's by)
OS: Windows 7 64bit.

If you need to know anything else I'll try my best to figure it out, just ask. I'll be waiting for replies, thanks in advance :).
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    The cheapest 7770 right now. $100. AND it also has $30 mail in rebate. so it's $70.

    And he bought a pre-built by Asus as a base. The motherboard he posted is actually the model number of the desktop. (just delete the -30 at the end)
  2. what do you have now, what's your resolution, and by the way cheifmax PSUs are time bombs
  3. @unksol Well I got the power supply for free so idk to much about it, and I have a Sapphire HD 6450 1gb. and @killerhurtalot i don't see that card your talking about?? and @burntpizza both those cards are sold out and I don't know if the rebate will still be there even after there in stock again so that might be more then I want to spend
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