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My father-in-law recieved a Micron Trek 2 AGP notebook from his job to use. he's a pretty smart guy around computers... so i usually ask him about stuff... unless i come here :o)

however we were both stumped on the memory on this notebook. he bought 64mb of memory to add and started looking for the memory module insert on the notebook. we found none. we took out all of the components (hd, floppy, cdrom, etc) removed the screws and started taking apart the case.... we got to a point when we could see the memory ports inside the notebook... but there are screws inside the notebook that we cannot get to.. we do not know how to take apart the notebook without causing damage to either the case or components inside.. (basically forcing it apart.... which of course it stupid)

so whoever designed this POS notebook needs to be taked out in the street and flogged, naked, in the wintertime... etc, etc.....

anyone have any experience with this kind of thing... or perhaps own the same or similar notebook..??

any ideas would be great....


MS.crap has performed an illegal operation in run.suck. If the problem persists reboot to Red Hat.
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  1. LOL. You've wasted a considerable amount of time taking this laptop apart.

    open up the laptop and at the base of the speakers you should see some sliding switches. slide them inwards and you should be able to lift out the keyboard.
    you may need a sharp instrument to help pop it out but underneath the keyboard you will find the 2 memory modules.

    Simple and you don't even have to loosen a screw.
  2. Micron TransPort Trek 2: unable to find slider tabs to access memory. are there models that do not have slider tabs? I have Model No: NKU375. Found guide online but model has "AGP" in name. http://www.eol.ucar.edu/homes/oncley/micron/trekman.pdf
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