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in july i built my self a gaming pc and had so much trouble with it so now i plan on selling it and buying a prebuilt to save me a headache. so does anyone know a good pc under 1000. also a quick question i notice a lot of pc sell for around $800 and everything is good except for the gpu. well i have a brand new 6870 so could i buy one of those then install it?
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  1. i would say buy one from Ibuypower or cyberpower without the GPU ( at least you will choose what parts you want) then plug in the 6870 you have in there. it will be more expensive than building it your self but in your case i don't see an alternative. buying from hp , dell , or asus wont get you the customization you really looking for. there is the option of buying an alienware also but they will be more expensive than the rest.
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