Gpu or ssd?

Hey im remagg im currently undecided as to what to buy,

AMD phenom II x4
4 gig ddr3 corsair ram 1333mhz
nvidia geforce 9600gt
seagate sata II
asus m5a97 pro mobo

which one would you you say would make the biggest difference to that system a new ssd or a new gpu i have around £100 to spend.

im a gamer so keep that in mind if you could please :)

ty community
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  1. The gpu is the most important component for gaming, the ssd is expendable.
    At that budget go for a 7770 amd ghz edition.
  2. :hello: remagg

    Sapphire Radeon HD7770 £88.00

    the SSD can wait until you get a much better gpu. a 7770 will be a phenomenal upgrade from that fine 9600gt.
  3. ive ordered that gpu ill let you know the results thanks alot for your help
  4. great and you're welcome. don't be afraid to PM me if i deleted the flag for the thread.
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