Is this build compatible ?

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  1. Hi. Yes that build is compatible. But if you don't need a 500W PSU for future upgrades, you can get a B75 motherboard with USB 3.0 or 8GB RAM or a GTX 650 Ti or a 1TB hard drive from the money you save with an Antec VP-450 or CX430M for modular cabling or a non-modular CX.
  2. Yur RAM looks to be a singe 4 gig stick

    Use a 2 x 2 gig kit in dual channel and you get about 6 - 10 % extra performance
  3. Maybe the OP wants an option to add another 4GB stick in the future since there are only 2 slots.
  4. Thanks, I just need a fast pc under $500 for my dad.
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