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So I just finished building my computer which has a P8Z77-VPro Asus motherboard and an HAF 912 case. For some reason, the audio jacks on the front and back dont work. I plugged in the HD audio plug into the mobo and I have the latest driver of Realtek HD audio but when I plug in my Creative A220 speakers into the line out jack in the back, the speakers dont work even though they are on with the green light on located on the actual speakers. If i go into the sound manager on Windows 7 it shows that there is nothing even plugged in, like the speakers arent being recognized in any form. Also, when i try plugging in headphones in the front the same thing happens. The only audio I can get is from my monitor via the HDMI cord going to my GTX 670. Is there another driver I need to make the audio work?
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  1. Check volume mixer in the notification area (white speaker). Right click it and go to playback devices. Check to see if "Speakers" is listed with a check mark on it. Double check the Realtek HD Audio Manager too (brownish-red icon in notification area). See if speakers are an option at the top.
  2. No, the speakers arent checked. Its as if the computer has no idea there are speakers plugged in when there are
  3. Does it say speakers there though?
  4. yes it does, they are just greyed out and there is an X instead of a check
  5. Is it like this in both the sound mixer (right click white speaker icon -> playback devices) and the Realtek HD Audio Manager? You might want to go to the Device manager and uninstall the audio device and then reboot. See if windows will install the driver for you automatically and see if you get sound.
  6. yes it is like that for both. and I did that but nothing happened
  7. Looks like this might be a faulty motherboard. Found this similar thread and seems to be exactly what you are going through.

    You could follow the advice on there and get another sound card or RMA the motherboard.
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