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Hi I just finished building my first computer. The only problem left is that the front usb panel doesn't work. Now I check the device manager and it says I'm missing a driver for a usb controller, but I already downloaded the drivers from my mobo disk. Please help me.
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  1. Do the USB port(s) on the front work?
  2. Go to your motherboard's manufacturer's website and download the newest ones. The ones on the disk are outdated, plus it wouldn't hurt to download the newest ones because it could also fix your problem.
  3. danny2000 said:
    Do the USB port(s) on the front work?

    the back usb ports work but front no.

    mobo: msi 970A-G46/ 970SG46
    Case: nzxt gamma classic
  4. Do you have the front panel USB cables attached to the motherboard correctly? Check your manual for details. What motherboard and case do you have?
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