First build - advice greatly appreciated!


I'm entering the brave new world of self-built PC's, partly to replace a creaking, stubborn desktop and partly just to amuse myself, and wanted some general opinions and advice.

I'm going to be using it for casual gaming primarily, alongside the usual internet browsing, office work and very basic video editing, so nothing that requires a ridiculous spec. I do want it to last a while though, so I'm not looking at entry-level stuff either. The games will be mainly RTS titles (LOTR: BFME2, Anno 1404) and the odd role-play or FPS (Mount and Blade, Payday: The Heist) and I want to be able to play them comfortably with good quality graphics, but nothing extreme like Crysis...

Constructive criticism / comments and opinions are welcome, I am new to this. But I don't want to start any Intel / AMD fanboy arguements either, the components I'm looking at have been chosen based on budget and keeping a realistic view of what I need. If all goes well, I'm not planning on doing this again for quite a while!

Thanks in advance!

- AMD Phenom II X4 965

- Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 or ASRock 990FX Extreme3 AMD 990FX

- Radeon HD 7750 1GB DDR5 (probably Asus)

- I'll need an after-market cooler, but no idea what at the moment...

- RAM and HDD/SSD are fairly self-explanatory

I already have an Antec 600 case and OCZ 500W stealthXtreme PSU

How is it looking so far?
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  1. Your build looks good so far but I would get an AMD FX CPU instead of the Phenom. The Phenom that you picked is about 90$ but the FX-4100 is about 105$, but it wil preform noticeably better. Also since the FX CPU uses less watts it will put out slightly less heat. You also do't need an aftermarket CPU cooler unless your overclocking. I would get the ASRock 970 PRO 3 for the motherboard. Also since the AMD CPUs can take advantage of 1866Mhz RAM I would go with that for the little extra money. Plus is a good practice to also use a new power supply on each build because if you power supply fails it can take some of your other parts with it.
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