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GTX 260 - Triple Monitor Setup

Hello! Happy Thanksgiving :)

Current rig:
Video Card - Nvidia GTX 260 (core 216 revision), which has 2 DVI ports & 1 S-Video port.
Motherboard - Asus M4A77TD, which has 1 PCIe 16x, and 2 PCIe 1x

I have dual monitors set up (via DVI), but want to add a third by utilizing the remaining S-Video port? I wasn't able to find any info on this kind of setup.

I'm not interested in a gaming setup where one game uses multiple displays - I only play Starcraft 2 & Counter-Strike and I'm fine having that on one primary display.

Question 1: This video card is pretty old - would it be able to handle 3 monitors?
Question 2: I actually have a 2nd GTX 260 (core 216 too, but different manufacturer). I could use them in SLI-mode, but I'm pretty sure my motherboard wouldn't allow it because there's only 1 PCIe 16x slot (the other is PCIe 1x). Is there a software-based workaround, or would forcing SLI on this motherboard cause both video cards to run at 1x speed (kind of like using RAM sticks of different speed.
Question 3: Sorry for so many questions in one thread! I don't have an SLI bridge... Do GTX 260's require an SLI bridge?!

Thank you for reading, Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. Q1. NO
    Q2. NO
    Q3. Yes
  2. Ozbarrera said:
    Q1. NO
    Q2. NO
    Q3. Yes

    Thank you for the response.

    Re: Q1 - Is this because the card is under-powered for 3 monitors? What kind of NVIDIA card would be powerful enough then - would I have to get something as nice as a 560? 460?
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    No single-gpu nVidia card will run 3 displays except 1 Zotac card.
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  5. FYI, many Nvidia cards support 3 or 4 displays.

    I believe every card in the 600 series supports this.

    660, 670, 680

    They have 2 DVI's, a HDMI, and a DisplayPort, all of which can be used simultaneously.
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