Newly built computer will not turn on

So i built my first computer the other day but it will not turn on. The psu is fine i tested it in my other computer. I do need a sata cable for the hard drive i read online that you don't need it to get into bios. No fans go on. Psu does not go on. but the stand by light on the motherboard and the front panel LED goes on. here are the specs
Motherboard: DH67CL
Psu: Apevia 700 watt
CPU: Intel G860 3.0 GHz
I also have a video of my build :
Please help i have a lot of money in this build. Thanks.
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  1. i have went through the check list already still nothing
  2. Did you breadboard it before you put it in the case?
  3. if thats when you put the stand offs in the case yes i did. but one fell out but i got it out of the case.
  4. nevermind breadboard is when you test it outside the case so no i did not.
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