Is it time to upgrade my machine?

Hello everyone, A while back I asked the community about building a new rig and everyone's advice worked beautifully and I got myself a nice little rig. I have a AMD Phenom II 1100T 6 core processor, 8GB RAM, XFX AMD Radeon HD 6850 Black edition, and a 550 watt power supply. This machine has been great to me but its been about a year or so sense I've upgraded it and I think it might be that time. I recently purchased Far Cry 3, loving it by the way. But I can't run it at max settings and I know that's not a big deal because I can run it on high/very high, but I feel like I am missing out. I'd like to run it at Ultra. I do not want to spend too much though. I have tried over clocking and that helps but only so much. I want to know your thoughts on how I can make my rig up to par with Far Cry 3 and other demanding games. I run Crysis and Crysis 2 pretty well. Battle Field 3 runs good. What can I upgrade? I'm thinking I need a news graphics card. Maybe i should just throw another 6850 in there in crossfire? Thanks for any tips and adive!
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    If you want to crossfire, you will end up paying more for your performance increase. as you will need a bigger psu. I suggest selling your gpu and buying this 7870 -

    I believe this will easily play it on ultra, as your card is equal to a 7770.
  2. So buying another 6850 won't beat the 7870? or would it be about the same? Thanks though, I was actually looking at this card recently.
  3. Excellent. Thank you very much!
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  5. Your welcome
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