Will my new future build work together :)

Hello guys,new to the forums and have a question for you.I would like you to tell me with my new pc i am about to build work together.

case: CM692 standard black.
PSU: OCZ modxstream pro 600W
mob: Asrock 970x extreme3
CPU:Phenom II x4 965BE
GPU:ATI HD 7870 2GB(probably)
RAM:G.skill ripjaw x series 8gb/maybe 16gb 1600Mhz
HDD:my old one
SSD: some 60gb one for windows
Cooler: CM 212 evo
around 5-6 fans

I know how to connect it all and stuff but i just have few questions just to be shure.
1.Is the PCU strong for this or i need stronger like 650W or smthing. (I plan to OC the CPU)
2.About the RAM,how will it all work since this cpu doesnt support 1600mhz,will my motherboard automaticly underclock it to 1333 or do i have to do it?Will i see the diffrence in it?Does the ram work with the board then?
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  1. bump..
  2. I would surely get a i5, to prevent my 7870 from a Bottleneck.
    You built this Rig? Would have got Better if you Listed your Budget here.
  3. Its no build yet,i have the motherboard only for now,i will make a amd computer,also i am on a very tight budget here! Just wanted to ask for your opinion before i get it all done,what can you tell me about my 2nd question btw?
  4. I don't know the Correct answer for the 2nd Question though.
    But whats your Budget?
    I can recommend you a Good Build for the Money. I'll have to surely remove the Mobo
  5. Thats the problem i cant remove it because i got it for free,and if i sell it i wont be able to get a better one.

    My budget is around 620$ but i am from croatia and everything is aloat more expensive here.For the GPU i will have to sell my curent pc and add a little bit to be able to buy it.
  6. Then you should Probably lower the Card.
    7870 is way heavier for that Build

    Get a GTX 650 Ti. It will be Decent for the Build.

    And you should probably OC your CPU high.
  7. I said i plan to OC the CPU,somewhere around 3.8-4.0,will the PSU i listed work?Its nice cause its on discount right now and semi modular(also read some good reviews about it).
  8. Would Suggest you a CX500 atleast or a CX600
    I'm less familiar to OCZ PSU.

    If those work fine then you'll be good to go.
    Even 500w is enough for OC too.
    Your Computer will not much Power

    I've heard that CPU Overclock near 4Ghz and Equals a i3.
    Which would result in a Good Performance and No Bottleneck.
    But not sure if its true.

    You can lower and get a Radeon 7850
  9. Ok thanks man aloat!!! Will see in the end how will i stand with my money :) Also for future build i can always pop in a Fx 8350 and a 990fx motherboard.(If i sell the ones i have,But latter)

    Ok but now i would like if someone could answer the second question plsss that would help me aloat :D!
  10. Googled your 2nd Question. :lol:
    The RAM will downclock itself to 1333Mhz causing no Performance issues.
  11. Ok ty so much man :D! I googled it 2 but its nice to hear a second opinion.How do i lock a thread?
  12. I don't know... :lol:
    Would be good to get a 1600Mhz now. So in future when you'll get a better Rig, it will be utilized. ;)
  13. I hope I will manage to get 16gbs since its super cheap now and i also plan to do some video and graphic design stop with photoshop and premier,other then gaming so 16gigs would be very nice.
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