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hello guys i have a big problem
i have brought a zotac nvidia geforce 520 gt 2 gb synergy edition,but when i installed it and ran it ,all the colours became visible like my display is full of green ,red ,blue,and yellow colour and gpuz says that i dont have any graphics card installed means it shows only a gt 520 inserted but not the graphics memory.And even if the system works properly,by playing fifa 12 or nfsmw2 for 10 minutes ,my system got hanged and i have to restart it manually and then gpuz displays the same message.
And if i take a screenshot it comes out clean and perfect but it actually displays a screen with so many colours as if i have a window screen in front of my display.i have already checked my monitor by connecting it to my motherboards integrated port and it doesnot have any problems.
my configuration is
intel DG41RQI motherboard,intel core 2 duo 2.4 ghz processor,2 gb ddr2 ram ,1 tb seagate HDD and i run windows 7 ultimate on my system.
And my graphics driver version is 306.23.
Sorry guys for my bad english and please do sort out my problem...
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  1. And zotac firestorm says it needs a vga adapter.What are the problems due to a low power smps?????
  2. That card appears to have Vga, DVI, and hdmi. Try all 3 connector types. Also, if your motherboard plug is different form the plug you use on the video card i bet it is the monitor.
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