Pc only turning on part of the time.

I built my computer last week and it worked fine for the first day then after that the computer would would work fine until you shut it off with the on/off switch on the case (NZXT Phantom) and then try to turn it back on, as it would result in the computer turning back on with the lights coming on and the fans spinning for about 3 seconds then shutting off. I would try shutting it on and off again but it would keep doing the same thing, so I took everything apart and made sure everything was working right. The problem seemed to go away and I could turn my computer on and off and it would work and today I installed windows 8 and then when I had everything finished I put in some driver disks (which turned out not to work with windows 8) and everything worked fine so I would assume all of the parts were not entirely busted. I thought it might have been windows 8 but it has done this before. It bugs me to no end knowing it only works when it wants to and I was just wondering if anyone knew what might be the fix.
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  1. Update: I can turn the PSU off then on and use the power button on the motherboard to get the computer to turn on and stay on, but I still cant get the on/off on the case to work right. Any suggestions.
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    It sounds like you have a probem with your case power switch. You could purchase another case or if you have an old give that a try.
  3. Alright I will try that. Now my only problem is getting my wifi card to work but that is for another day.
  4. Also, try to breadboard your pc; use this guide it will help you:
  5. Alright I will check into it tomorrow morning, and when I do you will for sure get the best answer.
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