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I wasn't sure where to put this. I just finished my first build, it's been up and running a couple days now. I was on my computer for a couple hours today, and all of a sudden the mouse stopped working. (Gigabyte, optical USB, basic). I moved it through all my USB ports, the light comes on and my computer recognizes something's been plugged into the USB, but nothing happens when I move or click it. I put it on a different computer and it works fine there. I also tried a different mouse on this computer and it works fine on it as well, so the mouse works but just not on this computer, and this computer can use another similar mouse but not this one. What's up?
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    make sure it is enabled in device manager and your computer has the updated usb mouse drivers. if it does, try rolling back the driver, in case it upated to a crappy driver automatically
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  3. is the problem fixed?
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