Cybermonday ?

I'm looking to upgrade my GPU to a 7870.. wait for a couple month to get it on Blackfriday. But i don't see a huge price drop or sale for these. Will cyber monday will be better? Also, Let me know if you find any good deal for those...

I'm also looking at 7950, the cheapest i can find is $300

The 7870 i'm looking at so far is $240

Do you think its worth the extra $60 to up it to a 7950 ?
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  1. what resolution do you use?

    if 1080 or lower the 7870 preforms well.
  2. i play in 1080. Also, i found one for $210

    I haven't shop for GPU in a while.. is this a good card?
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    here is a full review of the 7870,3148.html

    Toms ranks it the best GPU for the $220-$360 price,3107-5.html

    to answer your question, Sapphire is a reputable brand and make solid cards.
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