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Buildimg my first computer but no Image on bench boot!!

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 23, 2012 4:04:10 AM

Hey everyone. Im building my first computer and i just got all the stuff. Ive done the bench test and connected the appropiate power plugs and when i go to do the test boot everything turns on all the fans are spinning on the gpu and cpu. I get the post beeb and all just no image on the screen, the screen works for Im using it now to post this, and Im sure it picks it up because it say no cable is connected and as soon as its connected that goes away. And unfortunately i got a pretty low end graphics card there arent any of the right components for my monitor only 2 dvi ports, and no insert for a power supply. But I was told maybe that was the problem? Although the fans do still spin. Im really hoping its just me screwing something up. Can someone please help me???? Ive been looking forward to this for way too long to screw it up.

I purchased all the products in a bundle from Im not aiming for anything too amazing, I really just wanted the satisfaction of achieving my first build that was at least better than what i got, heres the link to the entire bundle.

Everthing except the case is being used on my build. My friend gave me a case that he just recently replaced and its basically brand new, and it the Raidmax Viper, with a 500W Raidmax PSU, Model # RX-500S

November 25, 2012 2:24:23 AM

Before anything else, if you have an pcie video card, try booting without the video card and just using the vga output on the motherboard itself. It looks like your motherboard has onboard graphics.

You should be able to get an image on the screen with just motherboard, cpu, ram, and power supply. No hard drive or video card necessary.

If you don't get anything, the beep or beeps that you get may tell you something. Look up the beep codes in the manual to see if any of them match up. Usually, a single short beep means that everything is ok.

If these steps don't work, we'll try something else.