My PC Specs:

OS:W7 64 Bits.
Proccesor:3.2Ghz AMD Athlon II X3.
Power Supply:550 Watts.
Motherboard Powered by Gigabyte DualBios.
Service Pack 1.

Hello,i have the video as the title says and is overheating ONLY when i launch a high quality Game like First Person Shooter or another category but in 3D. In 2D is all fine but little more than expected.

All was fine until i installed Cheat Engine and used. Before this all happened My video card wasnt overheating,also reaches 100% CPU + 60% Physical Memory ONLY lauching games as mentioned the first line.

I knew was my video card because i removed it and used the motherboard default one ( Nvidia GeForce 7025 )

I dont know why this happened if all was fine,my PC wasnt too hot and could resist more than 10 hours playing games.

Keep in mind that i always do this:

1-Cleaning Dust inside CPU.
2-Windows updates
3-Updates drivers
4-Advanced System care 6
5-Good Antivirus
7-Clean fans,no broken or cut cables.
8-Care my PC
9-Care all the time of my CPU Airflow
10-Never overclocked

In my GTX 550 Ti box says 12 Years gaming and and 42 Years Office Working,i really dont know what's my problem.Finally toend this i think my 550 Watts power supply is enough because i have played online games for lot of weeks and no problems until this happened.

Anyway,Any advices are welcome.

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  1. Update,i have warranty of 1 year,now 5 months left, i go and check out to a tecnisian.
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