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Hey I need some help here. I own an HP G60-535DX Notebook


Anyways I'm a gamer and I like to play stuff like minecraft, call of duty, battlefield and my laptop struggles to play this getting around 5-40 fps on the games I play at poor-medium quality. So I need a solution to help solve my problem. So I was browsing online and i stumbled across something called a vidock. Which allows you to use a normal desktop graphics card on a laptop. So I was thinking about getting one but i don't know exactly what I need, so I was hoping your guys could help me.
Thanks for any help.

(FYI: i don't have the cash to spend on a desktop, so please don't put just buy a desktop -_-)

My ports:
3x : USB 2.0
1 : HDMI
1 : VGA
1 : Ethernet connection port
1 : Phone Ethernet connection port
1 : Multicard Reader (sd-md/pr-mmc-xd)

My Specs:
Intel Pentium T4300 (dual core @ 2.10GHz)
3gb ram (which I plan on upgrading)
300gb harddrive
2 External LCD's
GPU : Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family
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  1. Vidocks have come a long way, but they still won't allow good gaming. The problem is still the connection they use. They aren't good enough to allow data to transfer fast enough. Not to mention you need a PCMCIA slot. I know you don't want to hear this, but you need a different machine. Better laptop/netbook or desktop.
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