Gtx 560ti vs gtx 560 ti 448

What is the difference between the gtx 560ti 1gb vs gtx 560 ti 448 1280mb?
Newegg has them at the same price right now but I can't decide bewteen the two.

Common sense would say ti448 but after looking through comparisons, the ti448 does somethings better and the regular ti does other things better.
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  1. Never mind. I came across this link that pretty much answers it. I'd still like to hear any input though.
  2. I guess you guys saw this post and went off to buy it because it's sold out now :(. I guess I should think twice before posting something like this :/.
  3. The 448 is almost a 570 although it was limited run so ebay might be your best bet.
  4. Get the 7850 instead. Similar price and performance, but a newer generation with lower power consuption etc.
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