Wich is better for my res

which card should i get sapphire hd 7770 vapor x or sapphire hd 7850 1gb \im playing on 19inch screen 1440x900 and a 32inch 1366x768 id like to get in games astable 40+fps and other games like ac3 black ops 2 the wither 2 and gtA v when it comes out
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  1. HD 7850 is better than 7770. And for your resolution it is very good too.
  2. Yeah, 7850 is obviously better, however the 7770 should be enough to play at very high quality at those resolutions. 7770 might be all you would need now, but 7850 gives some longevity.
  3. I would get a7850 if you can afford it.
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