Very first build!

I need some help, I am about to purchase my items for my first build (gaming rig) :bounce: I am unsure about my parts I picked and whether or not there are better options. Looking to use 1680x1050 and borderlands 2, Dayz, Guild Wars 2. These are my parts so far... Please let me know if i can replace some with a better option or anything thanks!
Graphics Card:
PSU: ($20 off promo code same price as 650w)
CPU cooler:

Any help appreciated I am a bit nervous i will buy the wrong parts or waste money on a more expensive less needed part, Also nervous about frying the parts :??: Thanks Toms hardware!
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  1. Hey man could you tell us your budget? Because your getting a 3570K. the K means its unlocked but that board won't take you anywhere with your overclocking...
  2. Budget is around 800-900 ish, i'd prefer to use as many rebates as possible Thanks for the input guys this helps keep it coming
  3. 800-900 ish after rebates that is
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  5. Wow thanks man.... I can't thank you enough for the help!!
  6. I sign and approve his parts list. the GPu can be upgraded later on but for the most part that build is fine
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  8. Thanks guys really made me confident in my first build purchase :)
    I love Toms Hardware lol <3
  9. If you ever need our help. Let us know! Enjoy your new computer.
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