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Hi all,i'm having a bit of trouble with finding a good home desktop for family use.It seems like a lot of factors to go over but i want to get the most out of a new computer.Over the holidays i bought a used 2011 imac 21.5(yes used)But now i'm just dying on the inside,i feel like i could do better and the thing scares me.I feel like it could go up in flames any time considering its an all in one and a mac.It handles fine for now but i want to get something more trust worthy,something that could last(doesn't have to compete with every new model)about 10 years.By last i don't mean be up there with the latest and greatest.We had an emachines for about 8 years and it was great for all our needs up until a year ago if that tells you anything.

I want to sell the imac and spend $500-700.700 is the tippy top.I don't need a gaming rig i need something that can browse the web and stream media.
Really need help with this one want to buy sometime this week. Will be buying a warranty to.

Thanks for looking.
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  1. a nice place to look for a computer on a budget is the dell outlet store. These units are reman, scratch and dent....etc may be a great place to start,
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