new drive ata100/old drive33/new board100 question

upgrading computer with new board/cpu/ram/video/sound
This is my question
my old drive western dig(6.4 ata33)has my operating system on it.My other drive (30gig ata100 7200rpm) is just formated
wih nothing in it.What i want to do is copy from old drive to new drive and make new drive my default drive,with my old drive as second drive,anyway will my new drive run at ata100 or will it have to run at slower ata33 to support
older drive?
any imput will be helpful
my new board supports ata 100
thank you
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  1. You should be able to run the first drive at ATA100 since your new board supports it. As for your old drive, it'll run at ATA33 since that's the maximum it supports.

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