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ATI scaling issue with games

November 23, 2012 9:53:56 AM

A few of my games have the infamous scaling issue where all four sides do not touch the sides of my screen regardless of resolution.

I've looked and tried almost every solution i can find and none of them work. The one that seems to fix it for most people is to save the normal scaling as a preset, assign it to a hotkey and use it when running a game but for some reason for me, scaling doesn't seem to be able to save as a preset. It applies whatever i saved in the preset with whatever my current scaling option is, not what it was when i saved it.

This issue is really annoying especially since it seems to be the "hiccups" of ati where everyone has a different solution but none will work for everyone nor is an absolute fix. If anyone can tell me how to save scaling to a preset or recommend another solution that has worked for them please let me know as this is quite irritating.