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  1. Get i7 3770k.
    Its newer and better at the Same price.

    And you don't need a Sound card.
  2. Sumukh_Bhagat said:
    Get i7 3770k.
    Its newer and better at the Same price.

    This is a gaming build? Both are a waste of money.

    The i5-3570k is the exact same chip as the i7, minus hyperthreading. That means its performance is equal to the i7 for $100 less. (And often better, as hyperthreading can sometimes mess things up.)

    Since this IS a gaming build, drop the 660ti in favor of a 670 - it has much higher minimum framerates among other things, and that means smoother gameplay.

    You don't need such a large power supply - with the efficiency of current parts, a 750w psu could power two high-end graphics cards in SLI. Get 550w psu, or 750 if you predict adding another card down the road.

    Drop the crappy "liquid" cooler. There are so many things wrong with closed-loop water cooling I won't even start, but you'll get WAY better cooling by buying a Noctua D14... and you'll have a heatsink so that if something breaks, instead of spewing liquid on your computer, all that will happen is that the CPU will be allowed to downclock safely.

    Why in the world are you spending so much on a disk drive? I'd go with the $20 Samsung offering - not that it matters much.

    And yeah, drop the sound card. Your motherboards onboard sound will be plenty.
  3. ^ +1
    If you don't do any Hardcore Software Rendering. You don't need i7
    i5 3570k is fine

    And with saved money get the GTX 670

    And for CPU Cooler get a Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212
    Its enough for Mild Overclocking.
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