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Hello, i really want to know which graphic card should i buy for normal gaming.I donot need new one i am going to buy a used card Which have these specific
Direct x 10
Pixel shader 4
memory 256 mb
Vertex shader 3 or 4
I play games like pop 4and5 devil may cry 3 4
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  1. First of all, its never as simple as get AMD, or get Nvidia. It comes down to what your budget and usage is (which you should include, as so far we dont know what you want really).

    I believe this form was created for such just a purpose.
  2. i want it less than 50$
  3. Dont expect great performance from this, It is quite old.
  4. i want ddr 2
  5. GDDR3 is much faster than DDR2.
    Also the VRAM on the graphics card and the system RAM don't need to be similar to work. For instance I'm running DDR3 RAM and GDDR5 VRAM.
  6. I have ddr 2
  7. ddr2 ? LOL.

    Now seriously what is your cpu and mobo ? don't tell me your one of those guys with agp slots...
  8. hassan5 said:
    I have ddr 2

    Thats great, but it isnt a factor when getting a graphics card.
  9. In my country it is the best and most used memory type
  10. then for what factor do i buy
  11. I have core 2 duo 2.4 ghz, 2gb ram
  12. The graphics card doesnt require any power cables, so thats not an issue.
    Any modern-ish motherboard wil;l have a PCI-E slot, so thats not an issue.

    Theres nothing to factor in, that card will work fine in any system.
  13. I think you didn't see my thread and first description I just want the name and specification which i need
  14. Well, you didn't really give is much to go off of.

    We need a power supply, country, budget and other things like the specs of your computer and the games you are trying to play.

    And manofchalk, they don't sell that 9800GT any more. They do sell this one:


    Also, DDR2 is only for the computer. The GPU has its own modules.
  15. The 9800GT supports Directx 10 and quadruple the VRAM you asked for. Dont know about the Pixel and Vertex shader, but this is the best you can afford anyway.
    There isnt much market for sub $100 graphics cards.
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