I have this motherboard

And this CPU

The CPU comes in the mail tomorrow. I haven't used the MB yet but I bought in Sept before the Vishera line came out. My question is should I hook up my current athlon am3 core 2 to the mb to update the bios? I read that the current bios the MB has on it wont support Vishera until I flash the bios update.

Another key point is my new SSD arrives same time tomorrow as well as my new OS, so it will be a fresh install of everything. I also do not have a USB drive although I have been able to load by Android phone as a flash drive in the past so maybe that is an option to flash the bios as well.

I have never flashed bios in the past so this all new to me, sorry if these are noob questions :sweat:
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  1. Just build the computer with the athlon , install the OS ,
    and motherboard drivers [ you can download the latest versions if yu are using windows 8 ]

    and then download the windows version of the 2.20 BIOS
    You can flash it from windows
  2. Yes its windows 8. I didn't say that in the first place because I was afraid of any flak I would get. But it was cheaper than 7 and I wanted to try it out.
  3. So flash with the althlon from windows, power down and throw the 8320 and it will boot up? sounds easy enough.
  4. IM having trouble flashing from windows. the software i dl from the asrock website has an application that i dl and extract. once i run the app as admin it just pops up for a split second then dissapears. then nothing happens. i restart the computer and the bios has not updated.
  5. So I got everything up and working, looks to be running ok. Only question I had is when I dl the all in one driver and utility instaler from asrock webpage it gives me some ati catalyst software. nothing i can run to install all the drivers.
  6. Install the all in one drivers . I believe its the motherboard chipset drivers + graphics card driver but they dont make that very clear

    Then head to the AMD or nVidia website [ depending on your graphics card ] and download and install the latest release
  7. Yah I tried all that and I still cant any usb ports to work. I am having to use my ps2 mouse/keyboard plus my logitech usb headset wont show up, not even in device manager. : (
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