How much RAM for video editing computer?

I am building a computer for a friend but before I get started I have a question about RAM. The user would be using this computer for video and photo editing the thing is I don't know how much RAM to get for this computer. Should I go with 16, 24 or 32 gigs of RAM?
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  1. as much as you can afford.
  2. There really is no budget limit as of right now.
  3. 16 should be plenty - if you're really worried about it, double it.
  4. At least 8GB; its pretty standard and cheap. Most amateurs usually go with 16GB, though.
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    How much RAM your editing computer an use is going to depend on
    1/ the operating system should be using a 64 bit OS

    The editing program you will be using . Some of these are 64 bit , but older editions will not be and they cant use much RAM . If you are sure the program is 64 bit then as mauch as you can afford , otherwise 2 x4 gig is more than you ca ever use
  6. Like Outlander said it matters what software you're using, but the main thing to keep in mind is Windows 7 Home Premium is limited to using 16GB maximum (if this is your operating system) Windows 7 Pro has a huge limit of 192gb . Also it will depend on the motherboard's maximum memory supported. Say your motherboard has 32GB max and 4 ram slots. You could get 4x4gb memory sticks=16gb. 16gb should be enough, any more than that is probably overkill. A lot of people would say 16gb is overkill, but ram is cheap enough might as well.
  7. if you dont want to pay for 16GBs get eight, and if you need more, try 16
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  9. I do video editing with sony vegas pro. My memory in my i7 is no where near 16gb and it doesn't really seem to be used as much as I would think when I look at the usage indicator. My current issue is rendering video after I have edited it. I use Neat Video plugin to clean up my video graininess. It is extremely GPU intensive. I am currently going to try and upgrade from a GTX285 to GTX670 to double my rendering speed. Hopefully, this will improve my needs for the program I use. I would say if possible look at your friends old computer and the usage to indicators to show what resources(memory, drive usuage, and graphics card) are being used up most on his old computer so you can build a computer that fits his needs with his software usage/needs in mind. By looking at your friends old computer this will allow you to allocate money to the best hardware needs not just packing the crap out of the memory and finding it may not be as crucial as possibly a faster harddrive, better processor, or graphics card.
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