GTX 295 in Mac Pro?

I've already asked this in the Nvidia forum and they suggested I came over here..

I've got a Mac Pro dual quad xeon, running Snow Leopard 10.6.4 and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on a seperate bootcamp partition. It's all running like a dream, and I'm about to bin my other PC, as I really don't need it now if I have W7 running fine on the Mac.

My question: I have a GTX 295 in my PC and I'd love to try it in the Mac Pro. Can I just stick it in there and use the Bootcamp Nvida drivers?
If not, why not? Would it be a driver issue? Power? No-one seems to know..In what way is the GTX 285 that you can get as an upgrade for the Mac different from the 295, and would I just be better off selling the 295 and getting a proper "Mac" 285?

I have a 4850 in the Mac Pro which runs most of my games _ok_ in W7, but I want a bit more.
Thanks in advance

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  1. I did a search,and I'm getting mixed answers from users.
    Its not confirmed to work by Apple but it should work fine.
  2. Thanks very much. Most helpful :)
  3. So, it seems it's not possible as OSX does mot yet support SLI
  4. osx doesnt support sli but 295 is pre slied so it is taken as one card
  5. The drivers for a 285 and 295 are the same, SLI is handled onboard the video card with a 295

    The only real hickup is your psu, how many amps does it kick out on the 12v rail?
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