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Hey guys,

Is there a way I can get animated backgrounds for Windows 7. I dont mean the pre-loaded themes where its just a bunch of wallpapers switching every minute. I mean an actual animated background. Like an aquarium or waterfall or something. I know that eats up a lot of RAM but I have enough to overcome that.
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  1. Dreamscene which came with Vista but was removed from 7 allowed you to play back movies as your desktop. Luckily, you can download and install this :D
  2. Windows Dreamscene on Vista Ultimate was abandoned for Windows 7 but apparently you can still get it to work.

    Google "Dreamscene Windows 7" and see what comes up. You'll probably need Windows 7 Ultimate to do it though.

    EDIT: das_stig beat me to the punch with a link - go follow his
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