plug it in.. nothing happens

ok.. heres the deal i suffered a loss of a mobo and cpu becasue of a power supply blow out..i need to know:

1. is it right that when things surge, first its the mobo and cpu, then pci and ram then ide and other devices right?!?!

on top of that, when the HD is plugged in and you hit the power button, its as if there is no power to the system becasue nothing happens, but there is power and when i unplug it, everything works great.

what is wrong with my HD?

i ask western digital (thats what it is) and thay reply 1 answer to a question i didn;t ask and none of the questions i did ask. then told me look at thier link fo data recovery.

i have 10 gig drive that i want to use but can;t.. i wanna find out whats wrong with it...

who ever has the most ram when they die wins!
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  1. Well I couldn't tell you what a surge will fry first, but I would have to assume that anything that has a power connector connected to it will fry at the same time.

    Anyways, if the drive is plugged in and the system won't power up and then you dis-connect it and everything is fine, it could be the PSU. I would try a different PSU (Power Supply), and see if you have the same problem.
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