Can i install windows 7 on old laptop


I have a Old Compaq Presario AMD mobile tech.

I was wondering if I could update the system with W7 or the like.

Any ideas?
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  1. How old? If seriously old then there won't be any drivers for the devices on the laptop.

    It's generally best to stay with OS's from the era a machine is from.
  2. depends if you have enough ram--at least 1gb preferably 2gb

    and whether you would be able to get all the drivers for it
  3. The oldest laptop I installed win 7 has 768 mb of a 1.5 ghz Celeron single core and a 40 gb super slow drive and it worked well now I put tiny 7 on it and it is much better.
    But yep it depends on the specs and the date of the bios I have a pc from 2006 Pentium 4 3.2 ghz 1 gb of ram an old but good pc (for web browsing) and I could not put win 7 on it because of the bios now it is using tiny xp and my grandparent's have it.
    So the best thing to do is try if you succeed in installing it then good I recommend tiny 7.
    Don’t know if it is allowed to put links so just use Google.
    Adam Ericson
  4. [Go here:

    Down load MS win 7 advisor & it will tell you if Windows 7 will work.

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