what is the best graphic card for my pc

i want t change my graphic card and i dot now what is the best for my PC....can u help my...tnx..

ADM Athlon 2600 1,92 GHz 1,50 GB of RAM...HELP ME PLEAS
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  1. What is your power supply
  2. just buy a new cheap pc, that cpu is way outdated (single core) and everything else too, you probably have a agp slot lol.
  3. Agreed with the other Guys, throw that piece of junk out in the garbage. You won't have any succes by trying to upgrade it.
  4. Oh man you cannot upgrade the video card to anything that i can think of that would be worth buying sorry.
  5. Unless you want to play very old games like from 10 years ago or something. But even so... as suggested by others I don't think it's a good idea to invest money in such an old computer. It might be better for you to try to save a little more for a new system. Even a cheap entry level one nowadays will give you much better performance than this.

    BTW, I used to have an Athlon 3000+ and I've been holding on to it for way too long , I replaced it 3 years ago or something and it was about time, I should have done so even before. When it got to the point I couldn't even watch HD porn in streaming I was like, ok time for upgrade! Lol!
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