Two video signols into one monitor at same time


I am looking for something that will allow me to send two video sigonls into one monitor. Dsub, Or dvi. Does anyone know of anything that does not cost an arm and a leg. That can do this? I am not looking for a KVM I want to be able to display two video sources on one monitor at the same time on a monitor that does not have pip support.

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  1. Actually, most modern Monitors support dual inputs.

    I have a couple of Viewsonic LEDs VX-something that have dual hdmi input and VGA, so it should be what you need/want. Samsung also has this in most of their lineup.

  2. I am not looking to buy a new monitor. Looking for an adaptor of some sort if available. If an adapter will cost as much as a new monitor that supports pip than I guess that is the way I will have to go. But relly looking for some kind of adapter.

  3. I don't believe such an adapter exists, atleast I have never heard of or seen such a creature. They make devices like this for security cameras but they are lower resolution and use RCA inputs. While most monitors will allow 2 or more inputs only 1 is usable at a time. It sounds like you want both inputs displayed at the same time, for that you'd almost need a TV with PIP or split screen support. The only monitos i have seen that support such a feature also had built in hdtv tuners.
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    Correct. To my knowledge you need a monitor that supports this. You won't find an adapter that allows this. At least I've never heard of one.
  5. Well, It does exist in analog type, so it might exist in digital.
    Something like this?
  6. That won't do what he wants to do. Even if he used analog and not digital.
  7. After searching the net for about 3 hours and not finding what I was looking for I thought it might not exist. So I decided to ask here to see if I was searching for the wrong thing. I did find the CCTV units but they are costly. Thanks for the feedback.

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