No signal after windows logo

My monitors display everything up until the windows logo. But then it goes blank and shows no signal message before the password login.

I can't even get into safe mode. When I try,the same thing happens,no signal message.

I tried reseating the RAM and Graphics Card,removing graphics card and using the onboard VGA. still I have the same problem.

What can I do to fix this?
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  1. reboot pc,
    press f8 repeatedly(after you see bios screen) to get boot choices
    choose "enable low resolution mode" ( )

    once at a desktop (everything is giant, ya i know, dont freak out)
    right click on the desktop( an open portion not on an icon) and select screen resolution
    ajust to the recommended resolution.

    reboot pc to save settings

    Monitor size Recommended resolution (in pixels)

    19-inch standard ratio LCD monitor 1280 × 1024

    20-inch standard ratio LCD monitor 1600 × 1200

    20- and 22-inch widescreen LCD monitors 1680 × 1050

    24-inch widescreen LCD monitor 1920 × 1200
  2. Well thank you but the thing is,I cannot get to the advanced boot settings.I have to shut the power then turn it on. I need to press F1 In order to get to the logo.

    My only options are

    Safe Mode
    Safe mode with networking
    Safe Mode with command prompt

    Last known good configuration
    Start Windows normally

    there is no other choices
  3. OOps sorry..I could go the the advanced boot option with everything

    I tried the
    Enable VGA mode
    but still i get the same message of no signal.
  4. Anyone can help?

    I recently just tried disable automatic restart on system failure and i got this

    Unmountable boot volume

    I know i need an installation cd but I don't have one. And I don't know what my OS is. When I go on Enable VGA mode, it asks to boot which operation system which only has one option which is Windows XP professional. But,on my windows logo loading screen there is no "professional" written on it.
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