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So i have just sniped off the websites in my country 2 Asus GTX670's DCU2 (not top) for 650$ (black friday ftw) and also i picked up a Benq XL2420T for 300$. What am i looking at in terms of performance? and did i waste my money or did i hit the jackpot? I mean are the 2 670's gonna get me through 2013 games on ultra with high enough FPS to take advantage of the 120HZ screen?

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  1. Hey,

    For $650, for 2 new non reference gtx670's is a nice deal. You will have no problem playing the latest games on ultra, and depending on what game it is yes, your 120hz monitor will take advantage of the higher FPS. Two gtx670's in SLI are beasts!
    Check out this review of two of them:

    Just make sure your power supply can handle two of them.

    Hope this answers your question!
  2. Corsair AX860 Platinum, will it do?
  3. That will be fine. Enjoy the extreme performance :D
  4. Ty! and this for the link!! from the looks of it this thing eats games for breakfast :)))
  5. No problem, enjoy your cards (you can also try triple monitor gaming on them!)
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