Hard disk recognizion serius problem, PLEASE HELP!

I have a Maxtor 30Gb disk, and the prob, start with win xp.
After try to install a 4th hard disk (1 cd rom and 1 hard disk, in IDE 1; and 2 hard disk in IDE 2, and the 4 Hard Disk ( i try) in Sound Blaster 16 card that never works.
then that i try to let all like before the test, but win xp pro, tell me that the maxtor disk has not format (???!??!!)
Almost i have a heart attack (27 Gs of serius information)
I have installed in other disk (not the maxtor) WINDOWS ME
i boot with it, and the Maxtor Disk appers two times!!, with the same information (c: 12Gs Disk d: 30Gs Disk (MAXTOR)e: 30Gs disk (other) f: 30Gs Disk (MAXTOR again(??!!) g: Cd-rom

I think i have in the maxtor 2 tables of contents, but only one place with information of something like that, and WIN XP cant decide wich is the correct and tell me that has not format

what can i do to solve the prob, without lost anything???

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  1. Check Fdisk and let us know what it says. If you goto Start > Run >> Type Fdisk, and press enter. Say yes to large disk support. Select option 5 (press enter) then select 2 and press enter. Once you have done that it will put you back to your five options and then you can select option 4 and press enter. Then write that information down and post that with your next message.
  2. ok, i was do it, and no problem in this, fdisk see one partition, like this.....

    Particion Estado Tipo Etiqueta Vol MB Sistema Uso
    d:1 A PRI DOS CLODE 29306 FAT32 100%

    i think that everything is wright here.....

    I can tell you something more...

    I install the Maxtor Disk in other Machine, with WINDOWS ME
    and it see 2 disk too, (like my pc). Well i think in this moment that is a problem in the disk no in my soft.

    Please help me if you can.
  3. It might be a problem with the SB16 IDE interface, I think it's limited to 8 or 16 bit transfers, I don't know if that works with Fat32 partitions, maybe somebody can offer a more definitive answer.
    In the worste case you could have a Panasonic ("creative") interface instead of an IDE, but I don't think that would work at all.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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