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Storage file server?

January 7, 2013 12:23:30 PM

I have an old board that hosts a 1.4 GHz AMD Athlon and a bunch of old IDE drives. The ethernet port is 100 mbs, although my home network is wired for gigabit. There are no SATA ports, and only a couple USB 2.0 ports. Memory is very old PC133 I think 2 GB. OS is Windows 7.

Right now, I am setting it up as a centralized file server that will house movies to be streamed to devices (xbox, PC). It might also be used for backups of computers on my home network. All devices are hard wired. The case is rackmounted and has a decent power supply and some server class fans.

Question I have is regarding going with newer technology. One one hand I want to use more modern drives and faster memory/CPU/network, knowing that the gear I have now will likely fail in a year or two. If I were to buy new or look on craigslist for a used computer, what kind of specs should I be looking for?

I'll need about 1TB of storage now, and possible another 1TB within the next 2 years.