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Workstation build: ESI Casting Simulation, Rhino, SW - Help needed

January 7, 2013 1:08:57 PM

Hello and happy new years all.

I'm in the process of designing a new computer, with the main intent to process and validate designs through simulation, using ESI Quikcast . Large files will also be used in Rhino, around 1Gb in size.

The build will most likely happen in a couple months, approx. March 2013.

The purpose of the build is to reduce simulation times, as well as increase load times of Rhino models.

Budget is 2500-5000 for CPU, RAM, MB, Video Card (and possibly GPU, though not sure if there is GPU support for the ESI software at the moment)

CPU: Dual Xeon E5-2620 or E5-2630 chips
RAM: 32-64 Gb, ECC ram, 1333mHz, quad channel.
MOTHER BOARD: supermicro X9DRH-7TF
VIDEO CARD: nVidia Qaudro 4000

Above costs are approx: ~$2600, not including Power Supply, Case, Fans, SSD's, etc.

The budget is negotiable depending on the capability of the machine. The software is expensive compared to the PC, so the goal is to have the quickest results, within reason.

Thanks for your time

Regards Dillinger

Any alternate/better options?