Drive gone insane

I'm having a weird problem for 2 days now. First everything on my 2nd drive gone corrupt, got a few weird folders with nothing in them, all my stuff was gone. (Seagate U Series 5 40Gig ATA100 (not the OS drive, only storage)) During boot it show both drives (Maxtor 30Gig ATA100 (with OS)) as UDMA 2 instead of 4, sometimes it just reboot on it's own, or the whole screen goes black and have to reboot. No blue screen of death at all.

Downloaded the Seagate app to test drive, all passed no errors of any kind, tested the Maxtor with the maxblast floppy, also passed.

When removing the Seagate everything goes back to normal, did fdisk and format on it just to be sure, no change. Install it again and everything goes nuts again. Installed it on sec/slave and then the maxtor shows correct UDMA 4, but it still reboot and goes blank when it feels like it. Jumper removed from drive since it's slave, before somebody ask. :)

Did fdisk and format on both drives now, no change.
Does anyone ever seen this problem, have a clue what could it be? I checked to make sure the IDE cables are not caught somewhere, seated well..... all good, replaced IDE cable just for the fun of it but no change. I'm out of ideas.

Case: Mid 2 case fans, 300W Sparkle PS with high speed fan.
Mobo: Asus A7V133 (VIA Apollo KT133A) mobo bios 1005a flashing it to 1007 one of these days so it can see my CPU right.
CPU: XP1600 1.4GHz no O/C
CPU Cooler: TT Vulcano-2 (cpu temp 41C/105F, mobo temp 30C/86F)
RAM: Gen PC133 512Mb (2x256)
Storage: Maxtor 30Gig 7200 ATA100, Seagate 40Gig 5400 ATA100
Video: Gef-2 GTS Deluxe
Sound: SB PCI-128, Altec Lansing ACS33 3-Piece
Ethernet: D-Link DE-528
CD ROM: Acer 50x
CDR-RW: HP 9500 Series

Ps. If I install my other 40Gig maxtor 7200 ATA100 from my other box there is no problems at all, installing 2 maxtors and an old 5Gig WD 5400 ATA33 and still no problems. HELP! LOL

<font color=red>Handsome A7V133 looking for long term relationship with a XP CPU. Prefer non smoker.</font color=red> ;)
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  1. Update the BIOS, maybe there is a bug in it.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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