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So over the past week I've been researching and putting together a computer build for very graphics intensive pc gaming and other media oriented activities. I'm planning to overclock the CPU to at least 4.0GHz and I don't know about the GPU and RAM. I was wondering where you gamers and computer aficionados could either save me money, or recommend better parts for the money. I have maybe $100-$200 I could add to the build, but I would prefer to keep it at it's current price or a little lower.

I'm mainly looking for advice on the graphics card and power unit, but, like I said, I'm willing to switch out parts for better ones.

Thanks a ton, here's the build.

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  1. it actually is a good build already.

    maybe you can look for an IPS monitor, or perhaps a 120hz one. you can also save a few bucks (for other parts if you need to) if you forego the fan controller for now.

    you can always buy one at a later time.
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