Huge THANKS to this forum

Hi. I came here about a year ago looking for advice on building a new PC to replace an ancient 1.7 GHz single core machine that was about 11 years old with slow old IDE drives. Since a lot has changed in 11 years, I had to re-learn about cases, memory, motherboards, Z77, CPU, etc. Even SATA was new to me.

After tons of reading, I was able to put together a really nice machine: i5-3570k, Asrock Extreme4, 8 GB of corsair memory, a Corsair 200R case, Corsair power supply, Lite-on DVD writer, Acer S231 monitor, Intel 120 GB SSD, and WD caviar black.

It is an amazing machine that boots in about 6 seconds and launches apps in seconds instead of minutes. iTunes is still very bloated, but very responsive (my old machine took literally minutes to launch it and selecting music took seconds between clicking a checkbox and having it shown as checked).

So a huge THANKS from a guy who put off upgrading way too long, and is happy with a quick machine! :bounce:
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  1. That sounds like a solid machine you built, it's a great feeling!

    The best part is that your machine will last you a lot longer, and with decent anti-virus protection will always be fast, vs. the pre-built ones from stores with cheap components in them to keep price down that start crapping out after a year or so.
  2. Yeah prebuilts almost always use cheap nasty PSU's. They often have cheap nasty mobo/RAM/HDD's too. At least you know that every part in that PC is quality.
  3. Agreed on all points. My PSU is a Corsair CX 430 and I love it so far: quiet and priced right. Did some video editing last night and really enjoyed the responsiveness. Totally sold on the SSD!
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