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Hello, i have a Q, i have a GeForce GTX 660, i see a much more performance then my last GPU GTX 460, but i wanna ask, about CPU if you can tell me. Ok my Q its : CPU intel i3 550@3.2GHZ (1156) slowing down a new GTX 6xx ? because i have problems with fps in many game even on medium settings : / and i think it's cpu fault, but i'm not sure, If i change my Cpu on i5 3450 , i will unlock a full power of my new GPU? Thanks , and sorry for my English :)
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  1. That's not a bad CPU at all, would be surprised if it's causing serious performance issues. If you're not getting the performance you should be getting though, I guess it's a possibility. What settings are you playing at? If you do upgrade, the CPU you chose is an excellent choice.
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