Building PC, But Got Black Screen


I recently built a basic gaming pc, and when I powered on everything works but have no picture, my tv which has vga says its out of range? I've double checked all the wiring and can't find a fault so need a hand, any ideas that may help?

Specs are:

Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
AMD Athelon II Processor with Heatsink Fan
Radeon 2GB HD Graphics Card
650W Alpine Silent Quiet Power Supply

(Haven't installed RAM or Hard Drive yet, as just wanted to see if things would work correctly, if this is the problem just say, then <<my bad, LOL>> Have the rest ordered anyways.)

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  1. You need RAM installed to boot.
  2. Your monitor/TV likely doesn't support the signal being sent by the video card. Whether it's the hertz or resolution, don't know. Sounds like you're trying to connect it to an older TV?

    heh, and the RAM part! I didn't even see that... yeah, what Chugot said. Needs RAM.
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