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Hi. Can anyone recommend me a sleek minimalist case with a side window?
I have looked online and the cases have been either too expensive or bad looking.
I can spend in between €80 and €100 (105-130 dollars).

Thanks in advance for your replies :D
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  1. what size are you looking at? there are full atx cases (full tower), mid atx, micro atx
  2. sorry .... mid atx
  3. Antec 900 is a good pick if you like the looks of it
  4. COOLER MASTER Elite 430 RC $40

    COOLER MASTER Elite 311 RC $50

    Fractal Design Define R4 with Window $90
    just put my work computer in this case, very well built and quite

    SilverStone Temjin Series SST-TJ04B-EW $163
    another great case have a second computer in this case

    My go to case is a Lian li case but they dont make a hole lot of cases with windows in them
  5. haha thanks for your quick reply..... MUCH appreciated !! :)
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